Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries

Designing and constructing CNG filling stations

We have been able to construct more than 300 CNG filling stations all over the country since 2000 which are being used now. Technologies of top companies in the world are used in designing and constructing the equipment in these stations, companies like MAN FIA and Green Field.

Fulfilling the offshore projects

Tamkar Company was one of the first ones which entered marine industries arena for reconstruction and developing the oil rigs right after the imposed war and this is one of our honors. This complex have been succeeded at running lots of projects such as reconstruction of Aboozar oil rigs, construction of P4 Jacket which is the biggest oil jacket in the middle east (installed in Reshadat oil field), construction of Stinger Structure of Aboozar 1200 tubing watercraft, and other projects of these kinds. It is estimated that these projects have included more than 22000 tons equipment construction and installation.

Implementation of oil projects in the onshore sector

Successful implementation of projects such as participation in the construction and installation of equipment in phases 21, 20, 18, 17, 16, 15, 12, 10, 9, development of the South Pars gas field, construction and installation of equipment in the Persian Gulf shipbuilding complex, etc. Part of our record In this area.

Production of all kinds of cracking pipes and fittings

For the first time in the Middle East, we have achieved the technology of producing cracked pipes by centrifugation. This strategic product plays a key role in the petrochemical industry and olefin production plants. Reformer pipes made of nickel-based super alloys with a diameter of 3 to 12 inches are being produced in the factories of this complex.

Casting and production of special parts

Special parts such as Swept Bend pressure breakers, industrial valves, especially ball valves up to 56 inches are in the product list of this group.

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