Non-ferrous Mineral Industry

Non-ferrous Mineral Industry

Production of Marble stone processing machinery

Rich supplies of decorative stones despite of old and worn-out stone processing industry in Iran led us to manufacture the stone processing machines in Iran using the state-of-art technologies in the world.

We have manufactured various marble stone processing machines using Italian Company; Berton’s technology since 2005 which is one of the most reliable companies in designing and manufacturing machinery necessary for decorative stones industry in the world. Some of these machines are -80bladed Pila, sub-slab machine and CNC Frez. We are proud to say that our machinery is being used not only in Iran but in Italy.

Designing and production of clay and brick lines

Designing and production of clay and brick lines is one of the livelong and nonstppable activities of Tamkar industrial group. Having had productivity and quality as its objectives this group has had a leading role in this field. We have been able to construct and launch 350 clay and brick lines and even export them to the neighboring countries during all these years.

Designing and production of cement factories components and machinery.

We have fulfilled 13 projects for cement factories abroad and 2 projects for factories in Iran since 2002.

Manufacturing of all kinds of gears up to 10 meters diameters

Tamkar industrial group has started to buy Gear Cutting Machines from European countries since 2004, Because of the need of the country to gearwheels with high diameters. During these years this company has helped lots of industries in Iran to go on via the production of the gearwheels with the diameter of up to 10 meters and module of 42.

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