Hydro-energy Industries

Hydro-energy Industries

Running projects of water and wastewater treatment plants

We have constructed two water treatment units for steel factories to be used and developed North of Isfahan water treatment plant from 0.4 to 1.2 million people and have run 9 other projects in this field since 1996.

Production of equipment and parts of Hydro-electric turbines

We made Wicket Gate parts whose 24-piece set of it is used for adjustment of the turbine’s runner input water. These components are all approved by Alstom and Vioth Siemens and have been used in Seymareh, Karoon4, Gatvand and Masjedsoleyman dams.

Production of equipment and parts of 660 kw wind turbines

In partnership with Sadid Saba Niroo Company, we have been able to construct the main parts and component of 123 660 kw wind turbines.

Execution of mechanical and electrical equipment for different dams and water transmission network

We have executed more than 167 projects successfully since 1994. Mechanical and electrical equipment were manufactured in national projects like the followings: Khoda Afarin Dam, Getond Alia, Sivand, Ghiz Ghale Si, Chah Nime, REis Ali Delvari, Talvar, Karkhe, Ghale Chah Ajab Shir, Abbasi pour.

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