Civil Industries

Civil Industries

Construction of steel mega-structures

Having considered the huge and unique projects Tamkar industrial group has had in steel mega-structure field, this complex is counted as one of the most reliable contractors of steel mega-structure construction in Iran.

Some of these projects are:

  • Construction project of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province automotive sheet megastructure with maximum height of 62m and maximum span length of 40m and overall weight of 8000 tons
  • Construction project of two mega modules of direct reduction for Shahid Kharazi development plan in Mobarakeh Steel Company with 82 meters height, 32 meters width, 25 meters length and overall weight of 8000 tons and very strong bolt and nut connections (class10.9)
  • Construction project of Isfahan International Conference Center in the form of a hemispherical structure with a height of 60 meters (from the foundation) and an internal diameter of 90 meters with protruding arches of about 9 meters, the type of joints and bolts with strength High (class 10/9), weighing a total of 2500 tons
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