About Us

Competition and Profitability are two important factors in industrial world today and by having some unique vantages conglomerate companies have been able to have a very outstanding role in countries› economic development and their GNP growth. But this accomplishment always needs its own special components. Qualified management teams, using the latest technologies, being able to provide and manage the financial sources, risk management and applying the entrepreneur organizations are important factors in holding companies success. Tamkar industrial group is a conglomerate complex that has had projects and productions in steel, oil, gas, petrochemical, hydro-energy, non-ferrous, civil and automotive industries and has been able to improve Iran›s engineering capabilities and production facilities in the above-mentioned fields. Tamkar Group is a pioneer complex in production and fulfilling the industrial projects. This group includes 11 engineering companies, 2 business companies and 3 consortiums and is one of the most outstanding non-governmental industrial groups in Iran.